Top 10 Genomics Solution Providers - 2017
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Top 10 Genomics Solution Providers - 2017

Genomics research holds the answers to many of the healthcare challenges present today. Cost for genetic testing has plummeted as advances in sequencing technology have made individual genome sequencing economically feasible. Emergence of new techniques has reduced cancer detection time through DNA liquid biopsy test, which are noninvasive screening options. Revolutionary gene editing techniques such as CRISPR-Cas9 may soon offer innovative ways to modify genes to treat rare genetic diseases and create better food supply in agriculture. 

The new frontiers opened by healthcare technology innovations are leading to unprecedented opportunities for better healthcare. Leveraging large amounts of data collected through pharmacogenomics, direct-to-consumer genomics and wearable devices, new players are building technology for medical people to gain deeper insights into bringing innovation in healthcare delivery. Companies are leveraging big data analytics in healthcare, through AI and deep learning to provide a more applicable knowledge of the human genome. Subsequently adopting cloud-based software for faster and better analysis of genomic information such as the GATK software, which is now available as a software-as-a-service.

To help CTOs, CIOs, and CEOs find the right genomics solution provider, a distinguished selection panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts, and the Pharma Tech Outlook’s editorial board has selected a list of Genomics Solution Providers that exhibit innovative technologies combined with cloud strategies.

We have considered the vendor’s ability in building solutions and services that can effectively yet economically account for a productive genomics solution, keeping in mind the factor of time-focused delivery. We present to you Pharma Tech Outlook’s Top 10 Genomics Solution Providers - 2017.



Company Logo Company Name Company Description
10X GENOMICS They develop and manufacture integrated systems for whole genome sequencing, exome sequencing and single cell transcriptomics
Avere Systems Provides accelerated application and storage performance with flexible cloud access for supporting life science researches
Brooks Life Sciences Brooks Life Sciences Services provides sample management solutions for the bioscience industry
Edico Genome Revolutionizing genome sequencing analysis by providing unprecedented speed, scale, and accuracy
Genomenon A specialised company for Bioinformatics, Genomics, Knowledge base, Whole Exome Sequencing, and Whole Genome Sequencing
Genoox A revolutionary big data platform for storing and managing genomic data in the cloud
GENOSPACE They are a fast growing cloud-based software company in the heart of Cambridge focused on building software for precision medicine
igenbio They develop genome analysis products and services for the life science industry
Interpreta The company continuously updates and interprets clinical and genomic data to provide real-time analysis of healthcare information at the singlepatient and population level
PierianDx Translates complex genomic data into actionable clinical insights to advance precision medicine