NRGene: Harnessing Big Data, Powering Genomic Research

NRGene: Harnessing Big Data, Powering Genomic Research

Gil Ronen, Founder & CEO, NRGeneGil Ronen, Founder & CEO
Less than a decade ago, random field selection with big data-based predictions was a long and expensive process in the realm of genomics. Today, with a clear and advanced understanding of medical research, companies are offering new and better ways to improve genomic analysis. NRGene, a cloud-based genomics big-data solution provider, develops proprietary algorithms and software tools to reveal the complexity and diversity of humans, crop plants, animals and aquatic organisms for supporting the most advanced and sophisticated breeding programs. With an interdisciplinary team of bioinformaticians, geneticists and breeders, NRGene is continuously refining their big data tools for advanced genomic research.

NRGene has been proactively addressing the need for integrating and utilizing of massive amounts of DNA sequence data, produced through the high-throughput sequencing technologies, to deliver accelerated breeding practices. With an exponential expansion of DNA sequence data, NRGene has demonstrated the ability to decipher even the most complex genomes and discover the genomic elements that control commercially essential traits. A unique, accurate, quick and affordable platform by NRGene, GenoMAGIC provides easy access to NRGene’s entire suite of algorithms as well as customization and aids in developing a genotyping platform for any given species, which may or may not contain genomic data. GenoMAGIC allows the creation and constant updating of a population-scale haplotypes database. The platform identifies viable breeds and helps creating healthier varieties by analyzing large amounts of genetic data of plants and animals.

Genomics-based breeding enables breeders to focus on the genes that make some plants varieties perform better than others in yield, disease resistance, and climate adaptation. However, wide genomic diversity among plants makes the process of sequencing and assembling plants genomes a big challenge. NRGene provides cloud-based Dynamic Genotyping solutions to reveal the genomic sequence of multiple varieties, capturing the diversity among different lines.

NRGene technology has been proven to find the genomic diversity in crops whose genome is five times the size of the human genome

Similarly, in livestock breeding, the challenge is to maintain their population given a higher maintenance cost. Moreover, animal traits are complex since a single locus accounts for very little of the phenotypic diversity that makes a full genome approach more critical. NRGene’s unique and proven platforms provide the most affordable genotyping platform for any given species.

After successfully mapping a number of plants and animals genomes, the company has turned its focus to the human genome and human healthcare. The company has identified a mutation that causes colon cancer, by a full analysis of a human family’s genomic profile. “We have shown that our software can accurately, quickly and in a cheaper way identify genetic abnormalities and mutations in humans,” explains NRGene Founder & CEO Gil Ronen. Finding the colon cancer causal mutation exemplifies the fact that NRGene’s technology reinforces high throughput discovery of abnormalities in the human genome, accelerating genetic-based disease research and delivering information toward finding cures.

NRGene offers an agile platform that can assemble any genome virtually. DeNovoMAGIC, with its unique assembly engine, can complete assembly within days of obtaining the raw sequence data. It has gathered plants and animals genomes, including human genomes, to the highest standards. The platform provides their clients with an accurate genome based on only tissue samples quickly and cost-effectively. “NRGene technology has been proven to find the genomic diversity among crops like wheat, whose genome is five times the size of the human genome,” quotes Ronen.

NRGene rapidly delivers solutions and prioritizes the needs of its customers. The uniqueness of the company lies in analyzing complex genomic data and translating it into accessible, straightforward information. In the future, the company aims to continue delivering high-quality results for virtually any plant in genome assembly and the best genotyping solutions.
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