Interpreta: Pioneering Continuous Treatment Optimization

Interpreta: Pioneering Continuous Treatment Optimization

CIO VendorDr. Ahmed Ghouri, Founder & CEO
The healthcare industry is constantly seeking new methods for tailoring care to individual patients for improved clinical outcomes. Dr. Ahmed Ghouri, Founder and CEO of Interpreta, believes that the future of medicine lies in the continuous interpretation of clinical and genomic data as opposed to episodic review and episodic care. Moving towards this new approach of continuous treatment optimization requires bridging the gap between clinical and genomic science (the macroscopic world a doctor sees and the molecular world of DNA).

In light of this, Interpreta provides an analytics engine that continuously updates, interprets, and synchronizes clinical and genomics data, creating a personalized roadmap of the future that enables the orchestration of timely care in both dimensions. The company was founded when three seasoned technology entrepreneurs, Dr. Ahmed Ghouri, Gary Rayner, and Raghu Sugavanam realized that the domain of genomic interpretation (“precision medicine” using molecular data from DNA and RNA) was disjointed from clinical interpretation (protocols as defined in clinical care guidelines). New tools were required for bridging this profound gap so that doctors can prioritize action items holistically.

Elucidating the current scenario, Dr. Ghouri provides an example of a patient with high blood pressure (hypertension) who is prescribed a medication in safety compliance with his genome in January. At the time of prescribing, there were no known drug-gene safety concerns for the drug. However, in March, the FDA published new information about his gene variant which confers a high risk of liver toxicity while taking the prescribed drug.

Since the physician is unaware of the new FDA-based knowledge, he continues to renew the drug for the patient, as it appears to control blood pressure well. However, within a year, the patient starts suffering liver damage due to drug toxicity, which was avoidable. The situation could have been prevented if re-assessment of the patient's treatment plan was done daily, as knowledge of genomic variants with drug compatibility is continuously growing. Therefore, clinical and genomic interpretation need to go hand-in-hand on a continuous basis, not just at the time of prescribing.

The clinical benefit of Interpreta is that we can avoid toxicity in patients and the financial benefit is reduced hospitalization costs due to adverse drug event prevention

In summary, a one-time-only check of the original prescription was not safe for this patient; the drug should have been discontinued when newer knowledge arrived from the FDA three months later, despite the blood pressure being under good control.

Interpreta’s powerful analytics engine performs real-time clinical and genomic interpretation on a continuous basis, analogous to a GPS navigation system. Like a GPS system, Interpreta’s engine computes a forward view of a personalized care plan, recalibrates the plan as soon as new data arrives, and applies knowledge that is never more than 24 hours old.

“The clinical benefit of Interpreta is that we can avoid toxicity in patients and the financial benefit is reduced hospitalization costs due to adverse drug event prevention,” says Dr. Ghouri. Adding to its efficiencies is Interpreta's AI-based Member Prioritization Engine that continuously re-computes information to score patients every day for new risk. With this, Interpreta delivers precision guidance to medically assess every individual. It determines who is the most in need, the kind of care required, the remaining time to act, and the right clinician to contact, based on urgency and severity. Most important, both clinical and genomic considerations are processed at the same time to generate the prioritization.

To carry out unified and real-time analysis, Interpreta merges data from disparate sources—insurers, EMRs, gene sequencing companies, and retailer biometric readings—into a central cloud platform that uses microservice APIs and single-sign-on technology for easy and secure access by key stakeholders. Interpreta’s diverse data sources combined with real-time interpretation is unmatched in the industry. According to Dr. Ghouri, “Our uniqueness is that caregivers do not require new devices, interfaces, or tools to derive value. Data is brought together from established sources in a timely fashion, synchronizing clinical and genomic data, and, most crucially, interpreting it against today’s knowledge instead of yesterday’s.”

What Interpreta is able to do today through its intelligent data analytics engine is still considered a farfetched idea for numerous healthcare organizations that have not seen its capabilities. Interpreta has turned the holy grail of continuous treatment optimization into reality.