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Methods and Models from Healthcare Apply to Other Enterprises as Well
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Dr. Chris Stout, VP - Research & Data Analytics, ATI Physical Therapy

My workplace’s technologies may be thought to be limited to patients’ rooms and operating theaters, but the revolutionary potentials may more so lie in data analytics. What those of us in healthcare and medicine are now working with...

New Unfoldings in Pharma Compliance
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Thomas N O'Leary, CIO, ICON plc

An Overview of the Current Market Trends Shaping the Pharma Compliance Ecosystem The use of mHealth (mobile health) technologies are increasingly being embraced by patients, healthcare providers, and payers alike. While connected health...

Transforming Healthcare with Technology
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Waqaas Al-Siddiq, CEO of a remote patient monitoring company, Biotricity, emphasizes that remote patient monitoring is going to provide telemedicine an enormous burst of speed. This comes from prolonged experimentation in healthcare...

Digital Transformation of Healthcare with Mobile Technology
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Dan Dodson, System Director, IT Innovation, UNC Health Care

I started my career in healthcare but quickly took a detour and spent the majority of my work-life in the wireless industry before transitioning back, into digital healthcare. It’s exciting to stand at the crossroads, witnessing and...

Why Digital Medicine is Becoming an Essential Skillset for New Age CIOs
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Ashish Atreja, Asst Professor and Chief Innovation Officer, Medicine, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Scientific Founder, Rx.Health

There have been two major technology waves that have influenced healthcare IT in the last two decades. The first wave of technology, Electronic Health Records, have fundamentally changed the role of CIOs, brought in new roles of CMIOs and an...

Can Expanding Data Sources in Pharma lead to Faster Drug Development?
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James Streeter, Global VP Life Sciences Strategy, Oracle Health Sciences

It’s a logical conclusion that expanding data sources in clinical trials can lead to more therapies, but does this additional data speed up or slow down a clinical trial? In the past, clinical trials have used only structured,...

Cost-Effective Quality Care in a World of Shrinking Reimbursement
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Martin Howard, CIO, Amedisys

What do you see as a big challenge in technology today? If you were to write down a wish list, what solutions are you looking forward to and what are your expectations from technology providers? “Organizations that integrate and leverage...

Exom Group: Redefining the Way Clinical Trials are Conducted
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Luigi Visani, Founder, President, & CEO

Provides value-added services through digital applications combined with strong medical, regulatory and operational expertise for the clinical development of drugs and medical devices

genae: Untangling the Complexities of Clinical Trials
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Philippe Kassab, President genae Americas

Clinical, safety and data management services for predicable outcomes, on time and on budget when running medical devices trials

Quartesian: Expert Analytics and Remote Monitoring of Clinical Trials
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Soumitra Shankar Chowdhury, Co-founder & COO

Quartesian is a one stop shop for quick and affordable FSP outsourcing with core competencies ranging from clinical data management to biostatistics, statistical programming, and medical writing

Forte: Ensuring Value-Based Clinical Trials
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Shree Kalluri Founder, CEO, President & Chief Customer Officer

Provides clinical trial management, clinical data management and research administration for cancer centers, academic medical centers, and health systems to unleash their research potential

Medidata Solutions: A Quintessential EDC/CDM Platform
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Tarek Sherif, Chairman & CEO

Providing advanced tools for planning and managing clinical trials.
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