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Deliver Experiences (not technology)
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Prateek Sinha, Associate Partner – Retail, CPG and Logistics, Infosys

You would assume that a representative of one of the world’s leading technology firms specializing in Consumer Packaged Goods would tout the benefits of his company’s technology. No doubt about it: Technology has changed the way major...

Why Pharmaceutical Companies have Increased their Investment in RegTech?
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RegTech provides exclusive opportunities to organizations that are looking for creative methods to reduce their compliance budgets while meeting the directives of governing agencies. FREMONT, CA: In the past few years, there has been an...

How Can CIOs Leverage Digitalization to Enhance Drug Development?
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The CIOs have a crucial role to play in establishing the right technology to specific pharmaceutical processes and improving the overall productivity of the organization. FREMONT, CA:  The pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a...

How the Pharmaceutical Industry is Using Data Analytics?
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The pharmaceutical industry produces an enormous amount of data, and the role of big data in the pharmaceutical sector is increasing over time and contributing to improve the health of patients. FREMONT, CA: The pharmaceutical industry is a...

Leveraging Data and Analytics to Measure, Benchmark, and Transform Healthcare Systems
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E. Kolker, PhD, Chief Data Officer, Seattle Children’s (Hospital-Research Institute-Foundation)

We all agree that it’s time to make fundamental transformations in the delivery, cost effectiveness, and quality of healthcare. No one is immune. In fact, there are so many areas of concern that it’s difficult for even the most...

Disruptive Technologies in Supply Chain
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Professor Nick Vyas, Executive Director and Co-Founder, USC Marshall’s Center for Global Supply Chain Management

Global supply chains are evolving at a rapid rate. Today’s executives are not only faced with traditional challenges such as cost, speed, quality and market share but also have to deal with ever changing horizon. It is important that...

Why Open Data Is Becoming Important to Medical Industry CIOs
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Merle Symes, CEO, Graematter

CIOs have been very focused in recent years on the explosion of Big Data -mas­sive amounts of data being generated in­ternally or flowing into the organization. What has received less attention is the more recent emergence of Open Data....

The Evolving Role of Technology in Pharma
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Aarti Shah, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Chief Information and Digital Officer, Eli Lilly and Company

The potential of technology to significantly improve the healthcare ecosystem is enormous. Within the pharmaceutical industry, technology powers all aspects of drug development – from discovery to development, manufacturing and how we...

Big Data can Now Help Identify Metastatic Breast Cancer!
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Researchers can now distinguish between a benign tumor and a malignant tumor cell line with the assistance of differentiated data sets provided by big data platforms. FREMONT, CA: Over 2 million new cases of breast cancer reported in 2018 alone...

What Big Data means to the Pharmaceutics
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FREMONT, CA: When it comes to investing in Big data, no other industry has as much at stake as pharmaceutics. Big data not only provides the foundation for research and the discovery of new drugs but also helps patients and caregivers make better...

ML for Life Sciences: The Next Technological Boom
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FREMONT, CA: The diverse integration of ArtificiaI intelligence technology is still to be realized, in the sphere of life sciences. Machine learning in the setting of life sciences can be used to identify disease phenotypes quickly and...

The Implementation of Mobile Computing in Health Care
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Mary Alice Annecharico, SVP & CIO, Henry Ford Health System

Healthcare is experiencing a series of interdependent health care reform initiatives at whose cores lies the active involvement of the patient. Meaningful Use (MU), the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH), Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs),...

Relevant Search: Why Your Current Big Data Solution Doesn't Prioritize Real Users
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Doug Turnbull, Search Relevance Lead, OpenSource Connections

Big Data practitioners have a huge problem on their hands: a consistent failure to build solutions for actual users. Users don’t care about analytics pipelines. They don’t know what data science is. Or the fact that you can talk to...

Growing use of Big Data in Healthcare
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The healthcare industry is flourishing at a faster rate, and the necessity to manage the abundant health data also is on rising.  Newer technologies are being adopted industry to tackle this enormous volume of data. One such significant...

How Big Data is Revolutionizing the Pharmaceutical Industry
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In the pharmaceutical industry, manufacturers struggle with stagnant pipelines and low success rate in R&D activities. Then big data came as a game changer because it no longer is limited to customer-facing function as sales and marketing...

The Real Value of Big Data in Life Sciences is Confidence
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Sid Nair, VP & GM, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Dell Services

Until recently, the validity of the results from statistical modeling rested upon meeting the model’s underlying assumptions and whether the sample accurately represented the whole population. Cost, lack of compute ability and the slow speed...

Why Big Data is Critical in Drug Discovery
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Discovery of drugs is an expensive and time-consuming process with a comparatively low success rate. Over the past decade, a big data approach has been expanding at an unprecedented pace.  It is generally based on the development of...

From Robotics to Big Data, What the Future Holds for Manufacturing
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Karl Rosenblum, Head, Global Capacity and Risk Strategy, Alcon

One of my favorite quotes by science fiction writer William Gibson is, “The future is here, it’s just unevenly distributed.” When looking across new developments in manufacturing technologies, this sentiment seems to hold truth,...

Aligning Healthcare with IT Evolution
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Laura Wilt, Systems VP & CIO, Ochsner Health System

Technology Innovation and the Role of a CIO With rampant technology innovation, the role of a Chief Information Officer (CIO) has evolved from managing infrastructure to a key player in the decision-making process of an organization. In the...

CIOs: Solution Providers in C-suite
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Rajeev Nair, VP & CIO, Jubilant Pharmaceuticals

IT to Homogenize and Integrate Key Processes Life Sciences organizations are known to grow through rapid acquisitions. Using IT as a strategic tool to homogenize and integrate the various key processes for each new acquired entity without...
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