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Are Wearables and Sensors the Key to Disruptive Innovation in Clinical Trials - or Merely an Overhyped Distraction?
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Marie McCarthy, Director, Product Innovation, ICON plc

The existing clinical trial design is under increased scrutiny with lengthening trials, 9 out of 10 drug candidates failing and no new drugs available in some therapeutic areas such as Alzheimer’s disease in over 15 years. While there are a...

Analyzing the Cloud Architecture
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John Reynders, VP, R&D Bioinformatics, Alexion Pharmaceuticals

Over the next few pages, I would like to cover perhaps two of the buzziest buzzwords in the entire IT lexicon: cloud and a big data. After reading these pages, I hope you will find some of the practices, anti-patterns, and hard-won...

ClearDATA: Creating a Culture of Compliance
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Chris Bowen, Founder and Chief Privacy & Security Officer

A HITRUST-certified, healthcare-exclusive, multi-cloud service provider focused on security, privacy, and compliance within the public cloud

DNAnexus: Leveraging Genomic Data in Clinical Trials
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Omar Serang, Chief Cloud Officer

Provides security, scalability, and collaboration for organizations pursuing genomic-based approaches to health to accelerate medical discovery

ACUTA: Regulatory Information Tamed in the Cloud
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Shylendra Kumar, President & CEO

ACUTA provides cloud technology to manage the information and regulatory submission process for pharma and biotech companies
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