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Revamping Workflow in Pharma Industry with Technology
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Bozidar Jovicevic, VP, Global Head of Digital Medicines, Sanofi

Today, the pharma and life sciences industry is embracing the transformative characteristics of technological innovations and introducing massive changes in their entire workflow. By providing innovative ideas for research and development...

On-Premise versus Cloud: The Better Option
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Denise Zabawski, CIO, Nationwide Children's Hospital

The convergence of several factors recently helped us integrate a larger infrastructure presence in “the cloud” into our IT strategy. This year we recruited two nationally recognized Genomics researchers and their teams. At their...

Overcoming the Big Pharma Hurdles in Drug Discovery
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Has the Big Pharma completely lost public trust? If so, how can it restore its credibility in the view of patients, policymakers, and the rest of the public taxpayers? How can it gain the trust of the public and tackle issues related to drug...

AI Can Improve Patient Outcomes, but will Pharma Get there Quickly Enough?
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Ryan Billings, MS, MBA, Executive Director, Digital Engagement, AMAG Pharmaceuticals

No matter what industry you’re in, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all the rage. It’s the shiniest of the shiny and new, and it’s everywhere. In pop culture alone it’s the central theme of HBO’s Westworld,...

Are life Sciences and Healthcare Companies Coping with the Digital Disruption
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Ilkka Salminen, Director, Life Sciences, Deloitte Consulting

Technology has evolved rapidly over the last decade, disrupting and transforming our lives at the same time. In the last couple of years, digital technologies have changed our daily lives, allowing us to order taxis through phone apps, make...

Supply Chain is in Throes of Transformation
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Richard Sherman, Senior Fellow, Supply Chain Centre of Excellence, TCS [NSE:TCS.NS]

1. How has your Supply Chain operating model changed during the last five years? Supply chain management has been undergoing a fundamental transformation from “chain” management to “network” management. With the...

Reshaping Pharma Supply Chains with Patient-Centric Networks
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While pharma companies around the globe have thought about patient centricity for years, a typical pharma supply chain links the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) to manufacturing, distribution, retail/pharmacy, and finally to the patient,...

Emerging Biopharma Gains Competitive Advantage in the Cloud
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Doug Caldwell, Vice President, Customer Architecture, Veeva Systems

The probability of receiving FDA approval for a new drug is less than 10 percent–and as low as 5.1 percent for oncology medicines. Small and emerging companies typically invest more than a decade of time and money into drug development, with...

Hitting the Reset Button on Supplier Relationships
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Ronald Ortiz, Director Manufacturing Science & Technology, Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Pharmaceutical development that leads to approval and promising commercialization is not as common as one might think especially for small up and coming companies. Biotech hubs like San Francisco, Boston, and San Diego are incubators for...

Transforming Supply Chain with SMAC and IoT
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Nathan Johnson, SVP and CIO, Werner Enterprises [NASDAQ: WERN]

Like many industries, logistics and supply chain providers deal with large volumes of data and ever-changing market demands. Technology has streamlined decision-making and driven process improvements, but velocity and demand for information is...

Rendering the Power of Integrated Biotechnology Services
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Tim Jackson, VP Technology, Advanced Clinical

If a firm is NOT using the cloud, they are missing important functional gains and substantial cost savings. The benefits of cloud computing are just as valuable for the life sciences/biotech industry as they are for other industries. Of course,...

Navigating Technology Transformations for CIO Success
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Steve Betts, CIO, Health Care Service Corporation

Delivering New Capabilities Faster The unprecedented level of change and unpredictability that we are experiencing within the healthcare industry shows no signs of slowing down. One of the key challenges for healthcare CIOs is understanding...

Simplify and Strengthen Your Approach to Data Visualization
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Rolf Olsen, Chief Data Officer, Mindshare

Yes, I once sat through a 212-page data-driven, bar graph-riddled deck from a vendor and lived to tell the tale. Barely. That’s one of the many reasons why I now spend most of my time challenging assumptions of how to visually share data...

Natural Language Technologies Augment Data Visualization
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Boris Evelson, VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

In the ongoing effort to derive insights from massive troves of data, businesses are increasingly realizing the benefits of presenting data in a visual format. Indeed, any enterprise BI tool worth its weight will come prebuilt with some degree...

Technology Driven Compliance
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Jason Sankey, CIO, Franklin County

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) changed the way the U.S. looked at managing risk and compliance in the investment banking technology space. It is hard to believe that we soon will see the 15th anniversary of SOX. The Dodd- Frank Wall Street...

Fusing Pharma Technology and Healthcare
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Brent Stutz, SVP of Commercial Technologies, Fuse by Cardinal Health

The Evolution of Pharmacy industry For years the issue of non-adherence and non-compliance and their economic impact has been discussed at length. However, as data has become more accessible on a greater scale, more effort has been focused on...

A Different Appoach
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Eric Perakslis, Sr. VP, Informatics, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited

What changes have you seen in the Pharmacy during the last five years? The change I have noticed most over the past several years with respect to the pharmacy is the move toward consumerism in the healthcare industry. Today, patients are more...

Technology is At the Heart of Everything
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Chris Johns, CIO, PNC Asset Management Group and PNC Investments

Advancements in Data and Internet of Things The advancements in data–analytics, machine learning–are transforming our ability to understand our clients’ needs and respond in a timely manner. As a result, we are able to be more...

Enterprise Solution Design Principles
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Leo Barella, VP, Enterprise Architecture, AstraZeneca [NYSE:AZN]

Architectural, or engineering, principles are the cornerstone of the Enterprise Architecture. IT organizations cannot effectively design an efficient architecture without such guiding principles, nor can it enforce an architecture that is...

Insights from Platform "Veterans"
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Anne Spoldi, Executive Director, IT Strategy Execution, Merck [NYSE:MRK]

Only in the world of digital technology— which has the shortest half-life ever—can an organization confidently use the term “veteran” with two years of experience under its belt. However, as we look around and see the...
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